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ProPack has been in business since 1991 providing logistics freedom to small and mid-size businesses in the U.S. and Canada.
Our story is your story. We've worked hard. Treated people right. Innovated our value. Caught a few breaks. Caught a vision. Went for it. And here we are. We'll never forget that we owe much of our growth and momentum to the businesses that have trusted us to help them grow.

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1991 - Founded

Yep, ProPack has humble origins. When we launched we were just leasing one 2,000 sq ft warehouse. We had two founding partners and zero employees, but we were convinced that we could make a difference in the 3PL world.
ProPack's First Warehouse

      1997 - Stability and Team

      After six years of scrappy effort, we had enough momentum to purchase our first 4,800 sq ft warehouse. Shortly thereafter, ProPack tripled in size, adding six employees.
      The Team Circa 1997

          2000 - Growth

          With team came more momentum. In just three years we were able to transition to a custom-built 35,000 sq ft warehousing facility.
          First Custom-Built Warehouse

              2003 - P3PL is Born

              We developed and launched our own third-party logistics software named P3PL. Our clients began to enjoy increased inventory visibility and control.
              Proprietary WMS Software

                  2012 - A National Company

                  With our cross-border shipping base growing, we expanded our Washington warehousing square footage. More importantly, we invested in warehouses in Tennessee and Utah to achieve two-day distribution to 95% of the U.S.

                  Tennessee Warehouse

                      2014 - Expansion

                      Facing increased demand and opportunity, we expanded our Salt Lake City area warehouse from 45,000 sq ft to 130,000.
                      Making Room for Growth

                          Your Partners in Growth

                          A peek at our history proves that ProPack is a company on the move. (No pun intended. Ok, maybe a little intended but can you blame us?) Growth, adaption, innovation, it's in our DNA like it's in yours. 

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