The NOT's and IS's of Leadership

Oct 24, 2015
In many areas of our lives there are opportunities to take the lead. It may be as simple as being the first to say "I'm sorry" to as complex as inventing a new method or item.

Wherever you find yourself on that continuum, you can be certain that there is an opportunity for you display leadership. Sometimes it is easier to define a characteristic by offering examples of what it is NOT.

Leadership is NOT bossing people around
Leadership is NOT degrading others to make yourself look better
Leadership is NOT taking credit for all the amazing things we do
Leadership is NOT interrupting others to make sure our thought is voiced
Leadership is NOT going first or going last

So if those are some NOT's, what IS leadership?

Leadership IS demonstrating through example
Leadership IS finding the best in others and humbling ourselves
Leadership IS providing positive reinforcement to others by pointing out their strengths
Leadership IS listening to others with our heads and hearts
Leadership IS walking along side others as a fellow team mate

In the work place, opportunities arise every moment to put into practice the IS's of Leadership. ProPack is blessed to have many employees that display leadership regularly.

Written by: Chris Cline, Controller

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