ProPack  Shippers Face Higher Expectations as Consumers Prefer Shopping Online
Apr 03, 2017

Shippers Face Higher Expectations as Consumers Prefer Shopping Online

I recently ordered myself a new laptop on eBay, and the estimated delivery date was March 5th. On the drive home, I excitingly anticipated a box on the front step, but to my surprise, nothing had arrived yet. I walked into my house, disappointed. I planned my whole evening around that laptop. The update said that the package was out for delivery-could it have gotten lost?

The FedEx driver pulled up at 6:30PM, and sure enough, there was my laptop; he likely just had to work late to get all of his deliveries out. It was then that I realized: e-commerce businesses face a lot of pressure to deliver their product on time.

With the emerging dominance of e-commerce in the US economy- 51% of Americans prefer shopping online*- logistics processes are bound to become trickier to manage, and new problems need to be solved in unique ways.

With its proprietary technology and continuous refining of its processes, ProPack has been able to serve the fulfillment and freight forwarding needs for a diverse amount of companies. Our goal is to become an extension of your business operations while also providing visibility and operations freedom.

From the start of our business relationship, we want to spend some time together to address all of your needs and to develop a solution tailored to fit the needs of your customers. 

Need custom packaging? We are happy to accommodate your request. If you want to use your own boxes, bow ties, ribbons, or marketing materials, our fulfillment team is properly trained to handle these requests.

Need consignee shipment notifications? We can send an e-mail to the consignee with the tracking number of the shipped package, so your customers can see that the package is scheduled to arrive on time.

Our real-time order visibility gives you a fish-bowl view of our 3PL processes from the shipper’s and consignee’s perspective.

Should you need more clarity on an order, feel free to reach out to our customer service team, and they will investigate the situation and give you an answer in a timely manner.

Customers love receiving their packages- they love it even more when it comes to their door exactly as scheduled. Let ProPack’s fulfillment services simplify your supply chain and offer faster, more reliable shipping solutions.

For more information about ProPack’s services, please visit our website at or give us a call at 360.322.2555.



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