ProPack Benefits of ProPack's Online Pallet In/Out System
Jan 21, 2013

Benefits of ProPack's Online Pallet In/Out System

Last week ProPack officially launched its new Pallet In/Out system at their Ogden, UT facility. ProPack developed this exciting new bit of technology for two clients who frequently cross dock pallets. For the past six months the system has been mostly manual. That changed last week.

Pallet In/Out is developed around receiving, storing and shipping complete pallets. The process is straight forward:

  1. ProPack physically receives in a shipment of pallets
  2. Both shipment and individual pallet information is record in ProPack’s online system
  3. Pallets are labeled and placed in a specific rack location tracked in the system
  4. The client is charged for receiving the pallet
  5. At the end of each day the client is also charged a small storage fee for each active pallet
  6. Clients have complete online visibility to their pallets and the descriptive elements recorded for those pallets at the time of receipt
  7. When clients would like to either pickup their pallets or have them shipped out they submit an online order through ProPack’s online customer portal
  8. ProPack scans each pallet in the outbound order
  9. Clients are charge per pallet for the outbound shipment
  10. All receipts, inventory, orders and charges are visible online

Clients are charged per unit when pallets are received, stored and shipped. These charges are competitive and clients only pay for what they use. All pallet inventory is completely visible online and accurately tracked. Clients will always know exactly how many pallets are in ProPack’s warehouse.

ProPack is very excited about this new service offering and the competitive advantage the technology offers. With substantial room to grow in ProPack’s Washington, Utah and Tennessee warehouses there is great benefit for both ProPack’s exciting and potential customers.

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