ProPack Client Benefits of Inventory Reconciliation
Feb 25, 2013

Client Benefits of Inventory Reconciliation

In the Third Party Logistics Order Fulfillment world it is best practices for the company and their warehouse to each maintain their own separate inventory.

Since the warehouse is a contracted provider for the company it is in their best interest to maintain their own inventory to best manage their own processes. The company should also maintain their own inventory to manage their website and for accounting purposes. Reconciling both these inventories together helps maintain both their accuracies and holds both the company and 3rd party warehouse accountable.

ProPack has developed a custom module in our WMS system to facilitate the automated reconciliation between the company (ProPack’s client) and the warehouse (ProPack’s system). This system imports SKUs, lot numbers and quantities from the company’s system, compares them against the warehouse’s system and returns a report detailing any differences. ProPack then employs an automated physical count system to double check any discrepancies, notify the client and update the inventory accordingly.

Inventory accuracy and system accountability is very important. ProPack is continuing to develop and enhance its systems and processes to add value and low costs for its clients.

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