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Jan 28, 2016


ProPack strives for connectivity. We are constantly upgrading our systems to allow for easy access to information on your orders, inventory, and shipments. Lets break that down:


This is often seen as the most important part of the operations.  If you can't get orders in then we can't ship them, and you can't bill the consignee.

·   There are many different ways to get orders in:

·   Webpage: This is manual entry of order information into the P3PL website.

·   Email robot: This involves emailing a specifically formatted spreadsheet to

·   Batch upload: This involves uploading the same type of spreadsheet on the P3PL webpage.

·   Web services: SOAP web services allow you to automate order input at

All these options allow for orders to get in no matter your level of technologic proficiency.


Your inventory levels are available in real-time from either the P3PL website or web services.  You can see the amount of inventory you have on hand as well as how much you already have allocated to orders This is highly important to make sure you have the stock you need to fulfill the orders that you are getting.

You will also receive emails for all new inventory received as well as any inventory adjustments that need to be made due to cycle counting.


You are able to get the tracking numbers and shipment information as soon as the shipping label is created.  This is available from the P3PL website or web services.  Every night a report is emailed out to the selected emails for your account that contains all of your receiving and shipping information for that day.

And of course even though we put so much effort into our automated systems we always have our fantastic customer service team.  They are available all day long to answer any questions and help with any training that you may require to use our "High-tech" systems.

Written By: Nate Nearing, IT Coordinator 








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