ProPack Great Progress Being Made on New P3PL Scanning App.
Aug 05, 2013

Great Progress Being Made on New P3PL Scanning App.

Over the past three months ProPack has been working on developing an iOS app to be used internally for running its warehousing operations.

This app will run on Apple’s newest iPod Touch and be accompanied by a Linea Pro case with builtin scanner. ProPack has been testing the app for over two months and is now just waiting for the new scanner cases to arrive.

The first feature out of the gate with ProPack’s newest piece of technology will be order scanning. ProPack is replacing its sound-based scanning system with a feature on the app that places the order right in the picker’s hand. No longer will pickers need paper picking tickets or have to walk to their computer terminal to view notification messages. ProPack expects this new feature to help significantly in both the speed and accuracy of the order picking process.

Beyond the order scanning feature of the new app ProPack has over a dozen planned business functions to moved to the new technology. This new iOS app will not only make ProPack more efficient and accurate but take the company to a whole new level of technology innovation.

ProPack is excited for it’s new iOS app and looks forward to what the future holds.

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