ProPack Issue Resolution Features of ProPack's Customer Support Ticket System
Jun 06, 2017

Issue Resolution Features of ProPack's Customer Support Ticket System

ProPack’s custom developed support ticket system allows clients to communicate directly with the company regarding shipments, inventory, issue resolution, and customer service.

ProPack’s support ticket system, known internally as the case management system, is a tool that allows visibility between customer service, inventory control, and clients. Since complete visibility is a necessity in the 21st century supply chain, ProPack’s case management system allows issues to be resolved in a timely manner, properly measure KPIs, and give clients a fish-bowl view into ProPack’s warehouse operations.

Since it operates out of three states, Washington, Tennessee, and Utah, spanning a total of 2,500 miles from our Warehouse in Blaine to our warehouse in White House, Tennessee,  communication in the issue resolution process is imperative in providing top-tier client support.

As soon as cases are submitted, the customer service team is notified. The team determines the root cause of the issue, and takes proper action to open an investigation. For example, if a client’s consignee claims that they were shipped the wrong product, the case will be submitted to the inventory control team to see if the inventory counts supports this claim. With a dual effort between the customer service team and the warehouse crew across the United States, our case management system allows ProPack to be proactive in solving issues with shippers, carriers, and inventory control.

From the client’s point of view, ProPack’s case management system allows for transparency into ProPack’s issue resolution procedures. Whatever issue that needs to be resolved, whether it be claims from shippers, short ships, or shipping to the wrong address, all a client has to do is log into their P3PL portal, click on the “client account” tab, click on “cases/projects,” and then “open case,” and from there, the client can simply type in the issue with the Order ID or reference number in question, and the ProPack team will open an investigation.

Within the interface of the case management system, users can upload supporting documentation, create notes, or upload other information to assist in the issue resolution process.

When a case is entered, ProPack’s goal is to resolve the issue in 24-48 hours, with an exception for call tags or carrier claims, which involve the shipper’s involvement and processing times can vary. From an internal standpoint, our ticketing system allows managers, supervisors, and other employees to analyze situations in the big picture, and take proper action to establish SOPs (standard operating procedures) across the warehouse, to ensure our operations are designed to best serve our clients.

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