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Sep 22, 2015

Leading by Example

While driving my girls to school, as I drop them off each day before work, I found myself extending my hand, pointing and getting ready to make a snarky comment about a person that was walking.

 Right at that moment, you may have seen the sky get really bright as I had my “light bulb” moment. How could I raise my girls to meet the standards below (of course, this is a condensed list) if I was not leading them by setting an example with my own actions?

·        Treat others how you want to be treated

·        If you wouldn’t say it directly to their face then you shouldn’t say it at all

·        Don’t pass judgment as we never know what a person has gone through or is  

currently going through

After the initial moment of brilliance that I had, I had yet another “light bulb” moment and thought to myself how wonderfully these standards could be utilized in the workplace.

As a supervisor, I have found that these standards work well with co-workers, but immensely with clients. By instilling these standards into my own life, and actually living these standards, I am able to lead my team by the example that I am setting. I don’t want to be their “boss” per say, but more their leader. There are no false pretenses when it comes to how I am viewed or in how I view others.

Being in the Customer Service Department, it can sometimes feel like we are constantly the bearer of bad news, that we are the complaint department, or always having to do the work that others don’t want to. That isn’t how I view Customer Service at all. I view Customer Service as an opportunity to potentially turn somebody’s bad day into an awesome day.

When handling a call from an upset client, I remove myself from my own feelings, and place myself into their situation. I patiently listen to what they are saying, let them know that I understand their frustration and/or confusion, and I move forward in my actions for resolution, all in a manner in which I would want to be treated.

The Customer Service Department of ProPack has very high standards in how we treat our clients and in the manner in which we resolve any issues that may arise. We firmly believe that if you work just for the money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the client first, success will be yours. ProPack’s Customer Service Department is quite a success, and I’m not just saying that because I’m the supervisor. I’m saying that because we truly love what we do and put our clients first.

Written by: Marcie Johnson, Customer Service Supervisor

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