ProPack Life Is A Circus Act
Jan 06, 2016

Life Is A Circus Act

All too often we find ourselves juggling several things at once: career(s), kid(s), spouse, in-laws, get the point. As a father and husband I enjoy the things associated with family, but as my families co-facility manager my "job" requires me to do things that are not as much fun such as pay bills, doctor/dentist visits, homework, etc.

While juggling the fun and the more serious things life throws at us, we are on a high-wire attempting to balance our happiness and the happiness of those we love and the things we must do to survive this "game".

As a Propack Facility Manager I try to approach the day-to-day "juggling while balancing act" in a very similar manner. Activities I enjoy as an FM include development, encouragement, problem solving, team building, coaching, rewarding and goal setting/appraisal. 

Sometimes, just as in my personal life, I have to get down in the elephant muck that is correction, discipline, missed goals, employee turnover and missed deadlines.

The trick everyone expects to see from me, regardless if in a personal or business setting, is success. As a Facility Manager it is important to not only succeed personally, but make certain the rest of my "act" succeeds as well. Success is important for those who report to me as well as those I report to. As I work to make my team a success I will use the following template, but how success is measured is ultimately up to the organization an individual works for.

Here's my living, changing, adapting list: 

·         Understanding Individual Customers Needs

·         Knowing/Understanding Individual Employees needs

·         Effective Communication (Up/Down/External/Internal)

·         Motivating Team members for increased performance

·         Tracking Team Performance and Development

·         Creating /Maintaining a Positive Work Environment

·         Maximize Staffing Levels

·         Delegating Authority and Responsibility 

·         Enforcing Propack Standard Work

The important thing to remember while juggling is to relax and have fun. Enjoy the circus of life and in the "Big Tent" as a Facility Manager.

Written by: Dave Carmichael, Facility Manager 






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