Aug 02, 2016

Managing Time & Accuracy

In high school I had a friend that was late to school at least once a week because he couldn’t find something he needed. Shoes, books, you name it he lost it. No one likes getting behind schedule because something you need isn’t where it belongs.

At ProPack, our warehouse management system tracks every item that comes into the building. This means that any piece of inventory can be easily located at a moment’s notice. This not only allows us to move shipments in a timely manner, it ensures a high level of accuracy. 

This system also provides our clients with a real time view of their inventory. When received all items are barcoded and logged into P3PL, our custom built tracking system. From this point on our clients can view all of their inventory levels and any movement of product. When it is time to ship to the customer, you can see exactly when an order leaves our warehouse.

Your products are what make your company, and we believe in providing complete visibility so you know exactly what is going on with your goods. From the time product arrives at our door to the time it ships to the customer we strive to deliver logistics freedom by enabling you to have complete visibility of your investment.

Written by Jarrod Wilson, Warehouse Services Lead 

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