ProPack Northbound Forwarding
Mar 19, 2015

Northbound Forwarding

When I was 12 years old I remember the day when my family purchased our very first microwave. It was amazing! What would take 20 to 30 minutes to cook in our conventional oven was done in 3 minutes. No more weird Jiffy popcorn being cooked “on” the stovetop but rather a bag is tossed in the microwave and poof… instant goodness.
As a society the invention of the microwave has spoiled us. We now want everything fast, and the added caveat is what we want fast should also be inexpensive and not troublesome.
When businesses can provide such an experience for their clientele it’s a win-win scenario.
Here at ProPack we pride ourselves in cost-effective efficiency that caters to our clients needs. Take our Northbound-forwarding program for instance:
Our process in shipping our client’s products north saves them and their customer international shipping fees and provides a simple straightforward solution for their northbound shipments. Also, the majority of packages are received into our facility are processed and couriered up to Canada the very same day. Not only is our program cost-effective and accurate, but it provides complete visibility online as all packages/pallets are scanned in and out of our WMS system (Warehouse Management System)…to top it off, it’s also fast… microwavable fast!
For more information in how our Northbound Shipping Service works or how we might better serve you in this way, contact us today and a ProPack team member will be glad to speak with you. – 360.322.2555

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