ProPack Northbound Forwarding Consolidation
Sep 30, 2015

Northbound Forwarding Consolidation

When it came to cleaning up the aftermath of a strong windstorm that blew through my neighborhood this past weekend, there was a fair share of work to be done. Since my yard and surrounding area went almost untouched by the strong gusts of wind, I decided to help a friend with cleaning up his property.

After some time spent removing fallen limbs from trees, cutting branches into smaller chunks and bringing it all together into a pile of destruction, we were left with a load that looked a bit too large to fit into the back of my buddy’s truck.

My friend remarks, “We’ll just split the pile into two loads and make two trips to the yard waste dump, it’ll be easier that way.” Through my experience working in the logistics industry, I suggest that we carefully arrange the pile into the back of the truck and use straps to tie it down, thinking that we could get the whole pile in one shot. After some pondering over the matter, we decided to go with my theory and sure enough, it fit!

Just like the careful and considerate effort we put into consolidating the large pile of debris into one load did for my friend and I, consolidating your northbound shipments through ProPack can save you time, money, and grief when importing your goods into Canada.

When purchasing from many different vendors in the U.S., ProPack can be your point of consolidation to receive, consolidate, handle customs paperwork, and forward the shipment to your point of business in Canada. Consolidation of your goods at our warehouse will save you cost on shipping on one large load, rather than paying for several smaller orders to be shipped.

Deciding to consolidate the large pile of debris we had wrangled up from the yard into one “shipment” rather than several sure saved us time, money, and effort in the long run and ProPack can do that for your northbound forwarding needs as well.

For more information on Northbound Forwarding Consolidation or how we might better serve you, contact us today and a ProPack team member will be glad to speak with you!

Written by: Donnie Stockton, Warehouse Operations Supervisor 

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