ProPack ProPack Stays a Step Ahead to Save You Time, Headaches
Feb 17, 2017

ProPack Stays a Step Ahead to Save You Time, Headaches

I have been backpacking for many years, and in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is frequently wet and unpredictable. Being obsessed with accountability and organization, I have to load my backpack in a way that makes accessing important items quick and efficient.

I need to pack my equipment to have frequently used items easily accessible (water bottle and map on top,) clothes placed in a waterproof bag, and most importantly, I need to divide emergency equipment, food items, and other accessories into kits. Otherwise, I’m going to spend too much of my time rummaging around my backpack, making a complete mess.

ProPack has the same philosophy when caring for your packages. Our warehouses are a convenient shelter from the elements with controlled temperatures, ensuring your product’s safety from the elements. In addition, our warehouses are secured, alarmed, and monitored 24/7 with video surveillance.

Our lot management processes allow for time sensitive materials to be picked first, so whether it’s a nutrition related product or any other product that requires lot control, ProPack’s innovative technology allows for simplistic lot management, reducing the chances of human error in the lot control process.

If your company combines products and sells them as kits, we specialize in consolidating individual SKU items into one SKU. Whether selling items with several working components, promotional packages at discounted rates, or club membership packages, ProPack’s fulfillment department can increase your bottom line by reducing labor costs and opening up time to grow your business.

While backpacking, I need to not only have the right equipment, I need to arrange it in a way that makes sense, otherwise I won’t get to my destination before dark, or worse, my essential equipment will get soaked. At ProPack, we know your clients have unique requirements, and we specialize in the safekeeping of a variety of products.

For more information on how we can assist you with your logistics needs, don’t hesitate to contact us, and a ProPack team member will assist you promptly.

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