ProPack ProPack's Expertise in Lot Control, Good Manufacturing Processes, and Warehousing Dietary Supplements
May 11, 2017

ProPack's Expertise in Lot Control, Good Manufacturing Processes, and Warehousing Dietary Supplements

With roughly two-thirds of its warehoused goods in the Washington, Tennessee, and Utah warehouses requiring lot control, ProPack has evolved procedures and SOPs to handle the FDA requirements that come along with handling dietary supplements. Our expertise in lot control has allowed us to become a market leader in the 3PL industry for lot-control processes.

Lot control is a process that ensures every piece of inventory that flows through a warehouse can be tracked to its group of origin, and it is often associated with food-related products and products with expiration dates.

With lot controlled items, we follow FIFO (first-in, first-out) and FEFO (first-expired, first-out) procedures to ensure freshness of product. FIFO procedures ensure the oldest products get delivered to customers before the newer ones, and FEFO procedures ensure that the product nearest to its expiration date is shipped first.

ProPack’s technology allows lot controlled products to be picked according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) procedures. ProPack has processes and a comprehensive SOP when handling products with specific FDA requirements.  

The US Food and Drug Administration GMP Regulations, 21 CFR, Part 11, clearly states its requirements for dietary supplements:

“Batch means a specific quantity of a dietary supplement that is uniform, that is intended to meet specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition, and that is produced during a specified time period according to a single manufacturing record during the same cycle of manufacture. Batch number, lot number, or control number means any distinctive group of letters, numbers, or symbols, or any combination of them, from which the complete history of the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and/or holding of a batch or lot of dietary supplements can be determined.” 

For example, when an employee goes to pick an order, an additional step is required; the employee must enter the batch number that correlates with the unit or product, otherwise, the order can’t be shipped out, nearly eliminating the chance that the employee picks from the wrong batch.

To adhere to GMPs, ProPack is also prepared to handle FDA inspections, should they be required once the manufacturer sends product to our warehouse. Whether the inspections are yearly, bi-yearly, or random, we can put the product in quarantine until FDA employees complete their inspections.

With lot-controlled products in each warehouse, ProPack is an expert in GMP compliance to international standards and FDA guidelines and inspections. With extensive knowledge of the manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping of dietary supplements, ProPack is more than prepared to take companies in the dietary supplement industry to the next level.

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