ProPack Rewarding Efficiency: Simplifying Processes Saves Your Business Money
Mar 14, 2017

Rewarding Efficiency: Simplifying Processes Saves Your Business Money

You go to the grocery store after work, you haven’t eaten since lunch, and you’re starving. You walk through the snacks aisle, and your impulses are overwhelming: you end up spending $30 on chips, cookies, and crackers. This could have been avoided this by having a $5 snack before going grocery shopping.

In addition to eating before going grocery shopping, you can also save money by writing a list to streamline your shopping experience.  With a list, it is easier to focus on purchasing nutritious foods, which has an additional hidden benefit: you can save money on doctors’ appointments for your future self.

Similar to grocery shopping, your business can benefit immensely by taking time to find ways to streamline processes. At ProPack, we like to reward efficiency. If it takes us less time and resources to handle your product, we are going to pass the savings onto you.

One of the ways your company can save money is by having each pallet, carton, and item barcoded. By barcoding on each level, it assists us on every step of the process- initially setting up your product, as well as receiving, inventory, picking, and packing the orders.  Barcoding is an inexpensive way to keep track of inventory from your manufacturer to our warehouse, and the savings to your company are expansive, since it significantly reduces the amount of labor needed to fulfill your orders.

Our pricing works like this: To unload one pallet, you incur one charge. To unload one case or box from the truck, you also incur one charge.  At our lowest tiered discount, six box charges is the equivalent of one pallet charge, and a pallet can hold many more than six boxes, and after time, these savings add up.

From an inventory standpoint, having your manufacturer barcode pallets can speed up our inventory counts immensely. If we receive a pallet of all one SKU which has been counted, we only need to scan the pallet once, and we can put it away until everything is ready to be fulfilled. At our highest price, one pallet scan is the same price as 8 box scans or 32 individual item scans.

The third aspect of savings in the barcoding process is that you avoid getting charged our hourly rate plus the charge for having to barcode all of the items upon reception. As an added benefit to your company, it helps us keep accountability of all of your items.

ProPack values its relationships with clients, and is here to support your business, not just to profit off of it. If we can find ways to save money in our processes, we like to pass the savings onto you so you can invest in the longevity of your company.

For more information on how ProPack can help you build your business, don’t hesitate to contact us, and a ProPack team member will assist you promptly.

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