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Feb 15, 2015

Right Tool for the job

Growing up I learned that having the right tools makes a world of difference when completing a task. As a kid, my friends and I would try to build forts, because that’s what 10-year-old boys do in the summer time. Our problem was that we didn’t have the right tools.

We would use sticks and sharp rocks to dig up the dirt and we stole old nails from our father’s garages and used rocks to hammer them into the scrap wood we’d find lying around. Needless to say, these make shift tools made fort building much harder than it needed to be.

One day my dad came checking on my friends and me and noticed our efforts and said, “You know there’s an easier way to accomplish what you’re doing?” He left and quickly came back with a hammer in one hand and a shovel in the other. “WOW!” I thought to myself, “This will make a world of difference.” I learned on that day, having the right tools could make any job easier.

This understanding also works well in the business world. We all want a successful business. What helps with our success has a lot to do with the tools we choose to use. There are a plethora of ideas/tools we can use that kind of get the job done, but then there are tools and systems available that if incorporated and utilized can make our workload much lighter and simpler.

Many of those tools and systems come in the form of partnerships with other companies; like ProPack. ProPack is a Third Party Logistic company who specializes in Order Fulfillment (among a variety of other services).

Many companies struggle when it comes to order fulfillment. They have a process in place that only somewhat works, but the reality is that it’s not a smooth process and a lot of the times it’s very costly. Such an experience breeds insecurity and can make the business owner question not just the efficiency of their business but the fiscal side of it as well. In essence, one may feel like their building the order fulfillment side of their business with a rock and some sticks.

ProPack is that shovel and hammer you need!

We eliminate the insecure feeling as we are the proper tool for the order fulfillment job. Through a variety of different innovative proprietary technologies, we pick, pack and ship orders to customers in the US, Canada and worldwide.

We pride ourselves on being flexible to our customer’s needs. What drives our adaptability is our custom built and heavily customized internal WMS and ERP software. Our exclusive technology allows us to maintain full control in order to meet the business needs of both our client and our company. We can adapt quickly to any order fulfillment need, along with other unique situations, and have the ability to meet any client’s need.

ProPack has made order fulfillment easy!

Allowing ProPack to be that much needed shovel and hammer in the order fulfillment world gives a company room to breathe easy knowing their fulfillment needs are being met efficiently, which in turn allows said company to focus on growing their business.

Call us today and see how we can make your order fulfillment side of your business easier.

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