ProPack Save Money on Shipping with Custom Boxes
Apr 01, 2013

Save Money on Shipping with Custom Boxes

Carrier pricing for package shipments is based on the shipment’s destination and time in transit as well as it’s package weight and dimensions.

Since the destination is set by the customer the most often area targeted for cost savings is the time in transit (or service level). While selecting a Ground or Mail service with a longer transit time can save money it is not the only way to reduce costs. Lesser known is minimizing the size of the shipment’s packaging to save on dimensional weight charges.

Dimensional weight always applies for FedEx, UPS and DHL domestic air and international shipments. For FedEx and UPS Ground shipments it applies over three cubic feet. Carriers charge based on the greater of weight or dims. The length, width and/or height of a package can easily turn a 10 pound package into a 40 pound package, thus increasing the cost of the shipment.

ProPack has designed a series of custom boxes for use by it’s clients. These boxes have scores (or perforated lines) at 2, 4 and 6 inches down from the top of the box. This allows ProPack’s expert packagers the flexibility to “score” down a box to the exact size needed for the product inside. Eliminating any excess height to a package saves on potential dimensional weight charges.

ProPack’s custom sizable boxes help save its clients on their shipping costs. This is yet another way that ProPack uses innovation to add value and reduce costs in the supply chain for its clients.

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