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Oct 16, 2015

The Movement of Goods

So my wife and I recently took our whole family to Disneyland for two whole days. While there enjoying everything that makes Disneyland great, the food, the rides, the shows, I witnessed the subtle things everywhere that helps them do one amazing thing.

This one amazing thing is moving people. Disneyland has got the movement of goods i.e. people down to a science. They have hundreds of thousands of people there it seems like daily. Yet the longest wait time for them on the busiest of rides was only about 45 min. That’s really good.

As I watched this my mind drifted to ProPack. ProPack has the movement of goods down to a science. We have been moving goods for over 24 years. ProPack has placed multiple warehouses strategically to provide the logistic freedom of quick turnaround for our client’s goods to the consumer. Our dual-warehouse model offers shipping to 95% of the United States in two days or less. How does the dual-warehouse model work?

We offer two-day FedEx ground shipping to anywhere on the Western side of the continental U.S. from our Salt Lake City fulfillment warehouse.And you can ship to anywhere between Texas and the East Coast in two business days from our Nashville location.

Getting this kind of speed and efficiency using FedEx ground shipping saves your company the kind of money that can create a real competitive advantage.

Our experience in logistics and our teams commitment to Delivering Logistics Freedom makes ProPack stand out. We have the movement of goods down to a science.

Written by: Derek Hughes, Warehouse Services Supervisor 

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