ProPack Unique Ways ProPack's Shipping Expertise can Help Your Profitability
Apr 10, 2017

Unique Ways ProPack's Shipping Expertise can Help Your Profitability

My first feeble attempt at making money online happened when I was 19. I found my old paintball guns I used in middle school and put them on eBay with a starting bid of $60. Only one person bid, and it was sold for $60. When I took the box to the shipping center, I was disappointed to see the shipping cost was $50, leaving me with only $10 profit.

Lesson learned: Always figure out the cost of a product prior to naming a price. For the record, this was far before I knew I’d be working in the logistics industry. If I were to do the same thing now, I would get multiple shipping quotes first, and then figure out how much to charge for the paintball guns.

I’m sure no business person would name a price before figuring out his or her expenses the way I did, even if they were an inexperienced entrepreneur; however, a second opinion from a professional is always a wise choice. 

As a 3PL, ProPack’s specialty is figuring out the most efficient and cost effective method of shipping for our clients.

In our discovery phase, we provide detailed charts that give you a good idea of how much shipping could cost from each warehouse. The chart is broken down between the weight of shipments and geographical zones.

Because of our relationship with FedEx, we receive discounts on their services, and we are more than happy to pass on a large portion of those savings to you. We offer tiered rates based on order volume. This way, as your business grows for a sustainable period, the price per order may be eligible for a decrease.

Once you are our client, we send you a FedEx rate quote tool that you can use to input the dimensions and weight of your packages and the shipper’s and consignee’s zip code, and it will give you an accurate calculation. If you’d rather someone else do the quote, our customer service team is available to help.

We also specialize in finding unique solutions to your unique shipping needs. For example, if you sell an item that is less than a pound, it may be cheaper to ship USPS First Class Mail, although if the customer orders several of these items, and it puts the shipment over a pound, we might recommend using USPS Priority Mail or FedEx SmartPost.

Our fulfillment team is cost-conscious. One of their main priorities in the pick, pack, and ship process is to pack your goods as tightly as possible to reduce the cost of shipping. In addition, we offer our own custom boxes, which, once packed, can be cut down to a smaller size, reducing shipping costs.

Our job is to find ways to save you time and money in the logistics process while also helping you provide an excellent experience to your customers. Give us a call and we can chat about your fulfillment needs.

To learn more about ProPack’s 3PL services, please contact us at 360.332.2555, or on our website at

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