ProPack Visibility from ProPack: Providing Logistics Freedom in the Information Age
Mar 25, 2017

Visibility from ProPack: Providing Logistics Freedom in the Information Age

The 21st century is the information age; we want information available at the press of a button. Cell phone apps acquire investments worth millions of dollars because they make some aspect of life more efficient, safe, or it saves people time and money.

A large chunk of investor’s money goes towards one fact: people want information, and they want it now.  As technology revolutionizes the way we relay information, companies need to adopt methods that promote visibility and transparency to clients.

In the 3PL industry, visibility is a big selling point, and over 90% of companies who utilize a 3PL service state that visibility is a core service offering, meaning that they would require a way of seeing how their product was being moved around in the warehouse.

From the time we receive the product to the time it arrives at the consignee’s destination, ProPack offers complete visibility in its fulfillment and freight forwarding services.  Inventory levels are visible in real-time, and low inventory level alerts help our inventory team replenish the pick bins from bulk. From P3PL, you can see the entire history of a particular SKU. 

P3PL also has 7 different statuses as your orders are shipped:

·         Accepted: The order is in the system and the client can make changes or place if need be. If there is not enough inventory, the order will not proceed to released status.

·         Allocated: The order has been confirmed, and ready to go into released status. At this point and forward, the client will have to reach out to the order release team to make changes.

·         Released: The pick ticket has been printed, and the pickers can grab the product from pick bins.

·         Picked: The orders are picked and ready to be packed in boxes or envelopes.

·         Packed: Orders are packed into boxes or envelopes, ready to be processed.

·         Shipped: Shipping labels have been attached to the orders, ready to be picked up by shippers from the warehouse.

At the end of the day, the client receives a spreadsheet including all of the products which have been shipped, and a status report of the inbound shipments that we have received. We also offer to send out e-mails to the consignee, which includes the tracking number so that the customer can see the product in transit.

For more information on how ProPack can better serve your logistics needs, don’t hesitate to contact us, and a ProPack team member will assist you promptly.




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