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Mar 04, 2016

We Are All Different

My wife and I have four young boys. They’re wild, they’re fun and they’re all different. Our youngest is easy going. Our oldest is very smart and talkative. Our second child is very sensitive and hands on. Our four year old is…well, let’s just say it’s a good thing he’s cute.

Because of their personalities they all need something different from us as parents, and we’ve learned that when we take the time to meet their needs on their level they do so well!

At ProPack we’ve discovered that every client is different.  They may have different company cultures, different marketing strategies, different clientele or different packaging needs.  What may work for one client may not work for another.

With over 24 years’ experience in order fulfillment we’ve had the privilege of getting to work with a wide range of businesses.

From startups wanting to outsource their fulfillment so they can focus on growing their business to long established companies looking to increase accuracy and lower costs, ProPack has had a history of coming alongside our clients to help them tackle their unique challenges.  As a result we’ve developed many processes and tools to help us and our clients streamline their order fulfillment while still meeting their specific needs.

We’re passionate about order fulfillment and we’re passionate about doing it right!

So what are your company’s needs?  How do you want to grow your business?  How can ProPack help you along the way?

For more information about Order Fulfillment or how we might meet your needs, contact us today and a ProPack team member will be glad to speak withyou. – 360.322.2555

Written by: Cail Rasmussen, Fulfillment Supervisor

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