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Nov 13, 2015

Why Choose ProPack?

As a prospective employee, I asked myself this same question. Just before my hire to Propack, I was faced with an employment dilemma. I had been offered a job at Propack the same day that I was offered a position in my recent area of expertise and experience. Almost my dream job, if you will.

My “dream job” opportunity was with a large corporation that had been expanding in our area for some time. They paid extremely well, offered benefits, and I would be doing something that I loved to do. The position at Propack was a newly created position, with a basic list of outlined responsibilities and a lot of “and anything else that is needed” tasks. Seems like a pretty easy decision.  

As a potential client, you are probably wondering how my choice to work for Propack has any relevance on your decision to use Propack as your fulfillment partner. The relevance comes to light when I reveal the reasoning behind my choice. Propack cares.

I had known several people who had worked for the company offering my “dream job”. Many felt like just “another number”. They felt underappreciated, over-worked and that management was out of touch with the employees on the front line. I also knew that as a new employee, I would end up at the bottom of the totem pole; getting mostly weekend, holiday and evening shifts. On the other hand, I had known several people who had worked for Propack for years. The overall opinion that I heard from these employees was that they felt like an individual, that they mattered, that they were treated fairly. They felt that the management was responsive and took the time to get to know them on a personal level, that Propack cared what happened to them. Propack cared.  

Propack cares. That is why I chose to come to work for Propack. I wasn’t exactly sure what my role would turn into, but I knew that I would be treated fairly and with respect and that my employer was investing in me on a personal level. As a client, I am confident you can expect the same level of caring in the handling of your account. We all know that a happy, cared for employee makes for a more productive, caring employee. We feel a responsibility to deliver top notch service in all aspects and levels of the business, reflecting that level of care extended to us by Propack.  We care about our clients and by making sure our employees are happy, ensures that same level of caring and service extends to our clients.

Sure, there may be other 3PL companies out there to suit your needs, but how about one that cares on a personal level about the success of our partnership and your business. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find an organization so focused on caring for your needs.

Written By: Kyla Nelson, Inventory Supervisor 











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