ProPack Why Outsource Your Logistics to ProPack?
Sep 09, 2013

Why Outsource Your Logistics to ProPack?

There are many 3rd Party Logistics providers in North America that promise to save their clients money on their supply chain needs.

These 3PL’s range from larger multinational corporations with hundreds of warehouses to small mom & pops doing business out of their garage. So while not all 3PL’s are created equally, here are some reasons to choose ProPack Inc for your logistics needs.

1) Warehouse Distribution Model

ProPack has warehouses strategically placed in Utah and Tennessee. These two areas combined allow clients storing inventory in both locations to reach 95% of the lower 48 state population in just 2 business days! This model allows clients to virtually eliminate 2 and 3 Day shipping while minimizing inventory holding costs to two locations. Clients can guarantee 2 Day delivery with only having to pay Ground prices.

2) Flexible Technology

Over the past 10 years ProPack has been in a continuous process of developing its web based logistics management system. This system runs all aspects of ProPack’s operations and is entirely customized and owned by ProPack. This technology model of continuous improvement allows ProPack to respond with custom technology to meet the unique needs of it’s client base. Other 3PL’s with off-the-shelf warehouse systems cannot provide this same level of service to their clients.

3) Small company feel

ProPack has grown substantially in the past several years. But it still maintains a small company feel in its relationship with clients and ability to adapt to change. ProPack’s ownership team is all intimately involved in the daily operations of the company and all take an active role in its continued growth. Running like a small company allows ProPack to work closely with other small companies to gain efficiencies and focus on growing both businesses.

There are many 3PL’s out there and many more reasons to choose ProPack. Check ProPack out at and find out more of what ProPack can do for your company.

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