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Meet our 3PL team. Their ability to collaborate and create perfect-fit solutions for you is what makes them so special.
It’s easy to build a relationship with ProPack.
Filled with veterans and innovators in the 3PL industry, our leadership team rarely turns over and our employees tend to stick around too. The ProPack professional you receive next-level customer service from today is likely to be the same one who takes great care of you tomorrow.
Looking for the link between our phenomenal employee retention and world-class customer service? A positive company culture.

ALEX SNYDER, President
President and co-founder of ProPack Inc., Alex has been involved with the warehousing and logistics industry for 24 years. With a servant-leadership style, he has been a primary motivational force behind ProPack's mission of making a difference in the 3PL world. Alex's eye for spotting quality employees and penchant for building partnerships, has helped him take a small, local logistics company and turn it into a leading border-services provider and a nationwide 3PL company. For Alex, real satisfaction derives from the opportunity to help your company fulfill its vision in partnership with ProPack.

      PHIL SNYDER, VP of Technology
      Phil has over 15 years experience managing operations and technology at ProPack. He personally developed and oversees all of ProPack's technology innovations. Passionate about leadership, people, systems, technology, and processes, Phil enjoys the challenge of bringing these unique elements together to create ecosystems that promote phenomenal business success. Look to Phil to find innovative solutions to your business' most complex logistical challenges.

          SCOTT CLINE, VP of Freight Forwarding
          Scott brings 38 years of industry experience to the team and has been serving as V.P. of Freight Forwarding at ProPack since 1999. Scott maintains a hands-on approach. He loves to be on the front lines modeling great client care for his team. He also believes that when management serves their employees and values them as people, employees perform their duties exceptionally well. Modeling service not only helped ProPack shine in its days as a smaller company, it still helps ProPack maintain its edge as the national 3PL company that truly cares.

              MIKE STEVENS, VP Operations
              Mike joined ProPack as VP of Operations in Sept 2017 following the acquisition of Integrated Fulfillment, now ProPack Logistics Canada. A well rounded executive with diverse experience, Mike has held senior positions in the manufacturing, telecommunications and logistics sectors, most recently serving as president of Integrated Fulfillment for the 15 years prior to ProPack. Mike holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

                  CHRISTINE CLINE, Controller
                  Chris has been serving in the finance department as ProPack's Controller since 2000. Her financial leadership has been instrumental in their expansion. But her contributions extend beyond budgets, payroll, and other financial procedures. The balance she has brought to the team over the years has been instrumental to sustaining the values of faith, integrity, and service that the company was founded on—the same values that you’ll experience today as a client.


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