5 North American Locations to better serve you.


You've probably heard that in business you can choose speed, quality, or value—but not all three. We beg to differ.

Our three U.S. warehouse locations offer perfect product distribution, low-cost, two-day ground deliveries to 95% of the United States, and client care that is second to none. The cherry on top? Our custom-built WMS equips you with system-wide inventory control and tracking for all of our locations. At ProPack, peace of mind means knowing you're winning across the board.

Is there an advantage to storing inventory in multiple warehouses?

Absolutely! Time in transit to your customers. The main advantage of using both our Nashville and Salt Lake City warehouses is two-day ground shipping to 95% of the U.S. Yep. You read it correctly. You pay GROUND SHIPPING pricing for two-business-day delivery. Bottom line, our dual warehouse clients receive the benefit of time and cost savings.

      If I have inventory in multiple warehouses, what options does ProPack offer to view my inventory in its web portal?

      Complete visibility is something we pride ourselves on offering our clientele. You can view inventory, charges, orders, shipments, etc. by warehouse or system wide.

          If I want to ship out of just one warehouse, how do I determine which warehouse would be best to ship from?

          Assessing the following factors can help you determine which warehouse to ship from:

          Customer Location
          Depending on where the majority of your customers are located, each warehouse location has certain advantages.

          • If your customers tend to be located in the Central U.S. to the East Coast, then our Nashville warehouse is probably the best option.
          • If your customers are more West Coast based, then our Utah warehouse would probably serve you best.
          • If your customers are spread fairly equally across the US, then our Tennessee warehouse is probably the best location. They ship two-day ground to 70% of the U.S. 

          Manufacturing Location
          Your company may want to consider choosing a warehouse that is close to where you manufacture your product. You can sometimes net considerable transportation savings if your manufacturer is close to a specific warehouse.

          Importing Considerations
          Another thing to consider is if your company has to import your products. Certain warehouse locations may make more sense depending on your importing country.

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