Order fulfillment. Optimized.

Order Fulfillment

Fast, safe, accurate—our order-fulfillment services deliver exceptional value and peace of mind.
Specializing in order fulfillment service for small and mid-size companies—whether you ship as few as 400 orders a month, or as many as 20,000—you can be confident that your orders will be turned around quickly and accurately. How do we do it?
Our cutting edge, custom-built technology enforces strict controls on inventory management and order picking. On top of that, our warehouse facilities are located in ideal shipping locations to minimize overhead and maximize the service to your customers. Experience the freedom and confidence you get when you partner with a team of true professionals focused on getting the job done right.

What sets ProPack apart from other 3PL companies?

Our strategic locations, experienced and client-focused team, and innovative technology all combine to create significant competitive advantages for your company. 

      Does ProPack offer inventory control?

      Yes. We've developed strict inventory control procedures to ensure accuracy. You can view the full history of product movement, receipts, lot numbers, and fulfillment activities.

          My company doesn't ship large volumes. Will I still be able eligible for shipping discounts?

          Yes! We work with your business to ensure you receive the most cost-saving benefits, which is why we operate on a transaction-based system. By doing this, we eliminate the fixed costs that always seem to pile up.

              How can ProPack's order fulfillment add value to my business?

              We do the legwork while you manage. You'll get access in real-time to the status of your orders, current inventory, tracking info, and shipment arrival notices. In addition to order fulfillment, we can also oversee your freight forwarding and warehousing needs.

                  Which carriers are available to my business through ProPack?

                  To get you the best deal possible, we've negotiated volume discounts with various major carriers and suppliers, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the United States Postal Service. This allows us to offer superior rates and service.

                      Top Notch Service. Fast Delivery.

                      “Top Notch Service. Fast Delivery.”

                      In the middle of 2012, Nuheat embarked on a search for a 3rd party logistics vendor capable of top notch service and fast delivery to our clients across the U.S. Fast forward to today. Absolutely no looking back! Service, support, and responsiveness – all quantum leaps!

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                      Nathan Mah – Director of Operations, Nuheat

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                      An experienced fulfillment team with all the right tools
                      An experienced fulfillment team with all the right tools
                      Two fulfillment warehouse workers carefully pack an order.