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Warehousing Services

Scale up your storage with secure warehousing, strategic locations, and powerful tracking tools.

You know how hard warehousing services can be to take on by yourself or you wouldn’t be shopping for a 3PL. So let’s talk about what happens when you outsource your warehousing to ProPack. We add value to your warehouse management process by helping you maintain and improve accuracy, quality, and supply chain visibility.

In the meantime, we’re taking the time-consuming work off your plate and doing it more efficiently to save you money. What if you have tons of material? No problem. We’ve got loads of secure space. Need the efficiency of a cross docking warehouse? Or hoping to consolidate goods en route to or from Canada? ProPack has you covered there too.  


Can my business track its inventory while in storage?

Absolutely. Using our custom-built warehouse management system, P3PL, we provide you with a number of client side reports that give you real-time information on your inventory.

      Can I come to a ProPack warehouse to view and inspect my inventory?

      Yes. Our doors are always open to you. Just call or email to schedule an appointment with us.

          How many warehouses does ProPack have, and where are they located?

          We currently have three locations that can be used to facilitate shipments or store your product: Blaine, Washington; Salt Lake City area; and Nashville area.

              How much space does ProPack have available to store shipments and inventory?

              Over 300,000 sq ft total. Our Blaine, WA, location has over 50,000 sq ft of storage space; the Salt Lake location features 135,000 sq ft; and our Nashville area warehouse boasts 100,000 sq ft of storage space. 

                  Warehouse Peace Of Mind.

                  “Warehouse Peace Of Mind.”

                  ProPack's dedication to providing world class fulfillment services is unparalleled. Our utter lack of customer issues as a result of their efforts brings peace of mind daily.

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                  Jini Patel Thompson – Owner, Listen To Your Gut

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                  On top of your warehousing logistics
                  On top of your warehousing logistics
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