Cross-border shipping hassles. Sidestepped.

U.S. – Canada Shipping

Coat tail on our business partnerships to get competitive rates on LTL shipments into and out of Canada.

So, you're a U.S. company looking for international freight forwarding. Canada is in your sites. What should you be looking for from a distribution partner?

Ease, Convenience and Speed
Offering the ease and convenience of one carrier and smooth customs clearing, ProPack's Canada-U.S. Freight Forwarding service stands out as your clear choice for cross-border shipping.

How have we innovated freight forwarding into and out of Canada? We have:

  • Simplified distribution for faster deliveries
  • Reduced paper work for you
  • Given you more shipping control


More Canadian Freight Forwarding Partners

At ProPack, we maintain a wide variety of strategic partnerships in Canada. These relationships can help you excel in the international distribution market because with more carriers in our stable, we're more likely to have your perfect partner in our contact book -- and on speed dial.

The US-Canada Crossing
Working through your customs broker, ProPack will handhold your shipments across the US-Canada border. If needed, consolidated shipments can be cleared Northbound and then broken into individual shipments for delivery.

      Canada to U.S. Shipping

      These services also apply to all southbound consolidations from Canada to the United States.

      Got questions about International freight forwarding? Canada's market awaits your products. Canadian companies, the U.S. stands ready to open new opportunities. Don't let the troublesome border crossing keep you out of a lucrative market.

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