Western Canada. Delivered.

British Columbia

27,000 sq ft of temperature-contolled space. Your distribution hub for Western Canada.

Tightly woven into the Vancouver distribution hub our Delta BC warehouse is located in a prime location to quickly send ground 2-day shipments to 99% of western metropolitan Canada.

ProPack's Vancouver warehouse location caters to clients looking for:

  • Distribution, warehousing, and order-fulfillment services out of the West.
  • Cross border services into the US.
  • International shipping out of Canada.
  • Local businesses who want convenient access to their inventory
  • Close proximity to ports: Vancouver BC, Seattle and Tacoma.

ProPack in Delta, BC

Located in the greater Vancouver BC area, our Delta BC location offers a full range of services and capabilities with all of our North American Locations. With room to expand we’re poised to help your business reach all of your customers in North America and worldwide.

Facility Specs

  • 27,000 sq ft of warehouse space
  • Services include: order fulfillment, freight forwarding, package forwarding and cross border services.

Contact Info
7351 Vantage Way
Delta, BC V4G 1C9 Canada

      Need distribution in Western Canada?

      Our professional orde-fulfillment team stands ready to distribute your products to Western Canada with amazing cost-to-speed value.

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