Eastern U.S. distribution. Expedited.


200,000 sq ft of temperature-controlled storage. Optimal for two-day delivery to the eastern-half of the US.

There's a reason everyone's looking for a Nashville warehouse and it’s not just so that they can sneak a trip in to the Grand Ol’ Opry on the way to the warehouse. From a centralized distribution standpoint, Nashville warehousing is the best in the United States!

When you ship via low-cost ground courier from our Nashville location, you can hit nearly anywhere in the eastern half of the US. within two business days.

About our Nashville Warehouse

Located just over 40 miles outside of Nashville, in Portland TN, our Tennessee warehouse offers an array of features.

Facility Specs

  • Fully racked
  • location managed to meet your current and future needs
  • An impressive 200,000 sq ft of temperature-controlled space year round
  • Ideal pallet cross-docking and storage location for Tennessee and Southern Kentucky clients

Designed to deliver scalable solutions for your company, our ProPack Tennessee space will grow as our order-fulfillment clients' needs grow.

Contact Info
1125 Vaughn Parkway
Suite 200
Portland, TN 37148

      Better Speed-for-Value Fulfillment

      Tennessee's business-friendly atmosphere means lower distribution fees which will decrease your overall supply chain costs.

      ProPack's Nashville warehouse is well positioned for order-fulfillment clients looking for a single-warehouse, nationwide distribution model. Or go dual warehouse by pairing it up with our Salt Lake City location to achieve affordable, two-day ground shipping to 95% of the U.S.

      Reaching from Texas, to Michigan, to New York, and Florida all in two-business days, ProPack's Nashville warehouse provides the ultimate in delivery speed for investment.

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