Faster western distribution. Delivered.


165,000 sq ft of temperature-controlled space. Delivers two-day ground shipping to the western U.S.
Salt Lake City warehousing has its advantages. The beautiful and geographically varied state of Utah is an ideal distribution hub for all of the Western U.S. From ProPack Utah, packages shipped via low-cost, ground couriers can be delivered anywhere between Colorado, California and Washington within two business days.

Why the Salt Lake City Area?

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars commissioning that big study on how to trim your order-fulfillment costs, consider ProPack. We already shelled out the money for that study and it led us to two key locations—Utah and Tennessee.

Many of our clientele divide their inventory between our Utah and Tennessee locations to take advantage of our two-day, ground-shipping model designed to affordably and speedily cover 95% of the U.S.

      About our Salt Lake City Warehouse

      Located in the greater Salt Lake City area, our Ogden, UT location offers plenty of space for order-fulfillment customers. And with room to expand, we're poised to scale up with you as your business' fulfillment and storage needs grow.
      Facility Specs
      • Fully racked
      • Temperature controlled
      • 165,000 sq ft of space
      • Location managed for your current and future needs

      Contact Info
      295 Depot Dr
      Unit 6
      Ogden, UT 84404

          Need Western U.S. Distribution?

          Our professional order-fulfillment team stands ready to distribute your products to the Western U.S. with amazing cost-to-speed value.

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