Packed how you would pack. With care.

Careful Packing

ProPack consistently delivers speed, accuracy, and quality in the order packaging process.

Some 3PL services have a more noticeable impact on your customers than others. The packaging of your orders is one of those areas. It combines practical concerns, like speed and product safety, with aesthetics.

Like a chef expediting orders and plating dishes, speedy fulfillment and quality packaging speak volumes to customers about who you are and how much you care.

At ProPack, we offer a range of custom packing options to suit your needs. We work hard to maintain quality assurance in the packing process for one reason: It's our address on the package, but it's your name and reputation on the line.

Features of ProPack’s Order Packaging Services

Where can we give you an edge in your packing? We offer:

  • Packaging options for optimal customer presentation
  • A wide variety of package sizes to minimize dimensional weight
  • A variety of packing materials: paper, cornstarch peanuts, air pillows, and more

      Your Valuables Are Our Valuables

      Product safety ranks number one for us when packaging your goods. Our warehouses practice the best safety measures to ensure that your goods arrive perfectly intact. Bottom line? We package your orders with the same care you would use.


          Quality Performance. Highly Skilled.

          “Quality Performance. Highly Skilled.”

          We couldn't be happier with ProPack's performance when it comes to getting our products from the warehouse shelf to the hands of our customers. The staff is very responsive, flexible, and highly skilled. Our orders go out quickly and arrive safe and sound to our customers.

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