Competitive rates. Covered.

Competitive Rates

Enjoy heavily discounted fulfillment rates and "extra-mile" service to the continental U.S. and beyond.

Discounted shipping and order fulfillment could be just a click or two away with ProPack. Since our 3PL company spent the last twenty years laying the groundwork, we can usually determine fairly quickly if and where we'll be able to save you money.

Here's how we're able to deliver value:

It’s not only money you’ll save, though. You’ll also receive faster ground shipping to get your product where it needs to go—quicker.

Bulk Rates

We do so much shipping from ProPack that we've secured discounted, bulk-shipping rates from FedEx, our preferred North American carrier. We are happy to be able to pass on those savings so that even smaller operations can ship like the big guys.

      Faster Ground Shipping to North America

      With ProPack, shipping to anywhere in North America is fast and easy. Our centralized dual-warehouse model even provides two-day shipping to 95% of the U.S. (based on FedEx's ground distribution system).

          International Shipments

          We are a North American-based company, but that doesn’t limit our expertise to the U.S. and Canada. We’re experienced international shippers, which helps us navigate through the maze of red tape that can slow the international component of your business down. Rely on our expertise to streamline your international order fulfillment.

              Custom Shipping Solutions

              We have established relationships with a range of carriers in the shipping business, and that means we can craft tailored order fulfillment solutions for you. We do this through…

              • FedEx – domestic, ground, air, and international
              • UPS – domestic ground and air
              • USPS – low-cost alternative
              • DHL – international

              Add Freight Forwarding capabilities to our discounted shipping rates and it’s easy to see why ProPack has become the one-stop shop for many our clients’ order-fulfillment needs.

                  Competitive Rates. Top Notch Service.

                  “Competitive Rates. Top Notch Service.”

                  ProPack combines competitive rates with top notch service. Their consistency takes a lot of the stress out of order fulfillment.

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                  James Hennessy – Owner, Hennessy Hammock

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