Supply chain. Managed.

Complete Visibility

From initial receipt to final delivery and everywhere in between, monitor your inventory with our innovative web-based tools.

Supply chain visibility is critical for ensuring that ProPack’s clients stay in touch with their inventory, both in the warehouse and on the road. Our customized web-based tools give you the visibility you need to manage and drive your business’s success. Enjoy complete visibility through all phases of the order-fulfillment process: inventory, to order processing, to shipping.

In the Warehouse…

  • Product scanned upon arrival.
  • Inventory levels visible in real-time.
  • Low Inventory Level Alerts can be set to suit needs.
  • View complete product history for inventory.

      On the Road…

      • View order status of forwarded or shipped freight and packages.
      • View real-time tracking information.
      • Receive notifications when inventory reaches a destination.

      Going with a 3PL company only makes sense if it also relieves stress, improves efficiency, and increases the visibility into your supply chain. That’s why we give our clients tools that keep them even more on top of their logistics than they would be if they managed them on their own.

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