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ProPack offers a wide variety of value adds from scalability, to lot number and inventory management, to kitting.

In our way of looking at things, the best 3PL company is the one that delivers the most value for your dollar. We compete on speed and cost, yes, but our clients tell us that it's the extras that set us apart.

Scalable Storage

Some 3PLs are nothing more than a temporary fix for your logistics challenges. We're equipped to grow with our clients as their businesses expand. As we scale up with you, we believe in maintaining and building upon the relationship we have with you. This philosophy is why we prioritize warehouse space for order fulfillment customers.

      Lot Number Management

      Roughly two-thirds of all items ProPack ships are lot controlled. Efficiency is a must in everything we do, but this is especially true with lot-controlled product. Our technology equips you with a wide variety of reports to help you manage lot-controlled product.

          Inventory Management

          Propack's custom system not only increases speed and precision in picking orders but increases inventory accuracy through:  

          • Automated low-inventory counts
          • Cycle counts
          • Reconciliation counts  

          You may have heard terminology like “acceptable inventory discrepancy” thrown around. Our inventory management system has taken this discrepancy percentage and reduced it down to an unheard of level. That's how we give you less to think about and more to celebrate.  

          Bottom line, someone has to eat the cost of lost product. Missing inventory is like a tax on your business. Our inventory management system translates to literal dollar and cents savings for you.


              Do you have a variety of products that need to be configured into several different types of product kits before shipping? At ProPack we're experienced at creating custom kits, be they club packs, promotion kits, or even multi packs. When your distribution requires detailed execution in the kitting department, go with a 3PL that has a track record of making their clients look good to customers.

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