Strategic fulfillment warehouses. Ordered.

Faster Shipping at a Lower Cost

Leverage our strategic locations to minimize delivery times and reduce shipping costs.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment warehousing to ProPack boosts your logistics with quicker shipping, cheaper rates, and scalable storage.

Fast Fulfillment Warehouses

Your customers want their products fast. So we did our homework. We picked the ideal fulfillment warehouse locations and enhanced them with ProPack’s proven combination of great people, cutting-edge technology, and innovative business systems to take your order fulfillment speed to the next level.

Our dual-warehouse model offers shipping to 95% of the United States in two days or less. How does the dual-warehouse model work?

We offer two-day FedEx ground shipping to anywhere on the Western side of the continental U.S. from our Salt Lake City fulfillment warehouse. And you can ship to anywhere between Texas and the East Coast in two business days from our Nashville location.

Getting this kind of speed and efficiency using FedEx ground shipping saves your company the kind of money that can create a real competitive advantage.

Plus, our warehousing-fulfillment expertise and third location in Washington State allow us to make quick work of:

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