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Stay connected. Our client portal enables real-time reporting, supply-chain transparency, and easy web-based access to our WMS.
Good 3PL software can make such a huge difference in your logistical operations. We've seen it again and again with our custom warehouse management system, P3PL. Giving clients easy access to their shipping, inventory, and fulfillment information maximizes their supply chain performance.
Since we offer a complete suite of fulfillment, freight forwarding and warehousing services at ProPack, it made perfect sense for us to invest in a customized warehouse management system (WMS) designed with the flexibility needed to meet the differing needs of our enterprise level clients.
Using our 3PL software will help you facilitate all aspects of your fulfillment operations, including:
  • Receiving
  • Receipting
  • Inventory management
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Processing
  • Shipping
  • Client management

Benefits of Using our Custom 3PL Software

We know. Taking your logistics third party or moving them to a new 3PL provider with it’s own proprietary 3PL software is a big step.

You might think that you'll have a tougher time staying on top of your inventory if it's housed offsite. Or maybe you're worried that the transition to a new logistics partner will force you into a huge learning curve. Not the case with ProPack.

Our 3PL software is powerful and simple to use. And since P3PL is an online tool, access to your logistics is as wide as the web. Your ability to upload data and retrieve customized reports in real time with P3PL can drastically improve inventory management.

Need cost controls? P3PL lets you track charges in real-time, no surprises.

      How Does Ordering With our 3PL Software Work?

      We know that every business is different. Saving time and money means not having to completely reinvent the wheel just to work with a 3PL partner. We provide several ordering solutions to meet our clients' needs.

      • Online entry via P3PL
      • Preformatted Excel files sent via email
      • Web-to-Web between your website and P3PL

          Need EDI, ERP, or Shopping Cart Integration?

          Our integration solutions can adapt to your specific business' needs. Many of our clients tell us that tailoring a connection to P3PL that matches their company's operations model has given them a competitive edge in the market. Check out our shopping cart, ERP and EDI integration options for more info.

          Bottom line, our custom technology will make your life easier and your operations run smoother. No more frustrating guesswork. You'll know what's going on with your logistics and you'll know it in real-time so you can adapt quickly, solve problems, and keep your supply chain flowing.

              Common Sense Technology.

              “Common Sense Technology.”

              After switching to ProPack a few years ago, we have seen a drastic improvement in the following two areas: efficient processing and accessibility to our inventory and information via their client portal. ProPack’s level of common sense client service is outstanding.

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              Cherie Storms – Assistant Operations Manager

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