Custom technology. Completed.

IT-Driven Accuracy & Turnaround

Want to know what drives our accuracy and quick turnaround capabilities? Our custom technology is our secret sauce.

Behind every piece of technology ProPack has developed is a commitment to constant improvement. We listen—to clients, to employees, to the market place—and literally every day we do something to improve our system. That's how we've developed tech that drives accuracy and improves order turnaround time—so you can go home on time.

IT-Driven Accuracy and Speed

Standard operating procedures, employee training, and staff meetings only go so far when you're trying to create an airtight system for managing inventory and orders. Instead of bombarding employees with constant training and threats, we've created technology that drives accuracy, making their jobs easier to do. 

With our warehouse management system, P3PL, we have: 

  • Reduced variables for workers by creating one way of pushing orders through the system
  • Automated the process of finding items in our warehouse grid, so that workers don't get lost in 100,000 + sq ft of racks
  • Created robust scanning technology with built-in fail safes that force the right worker to quickly find the right item in the right location

How does our scanning technology enforce accuracy?

Here's one example. If a worker scans his location—a mandatory step in the picking process—and it doesn't match the location of your order, our technology prohibits him from scanning and picking any items at that location. 

Through constant use, testing, and refinement we've also enhanced our counting capabilities.

      IT-Enhanced Counting

      Picking your order quickly is also about having an accurate picture of your items' location and quantity at all times. This means constant counting. By keeping vigilant watch over these variables with technological tools, we eliminate the guess work for our employees, helping them do their jobs quickly, accurately, confidently, (and happily, we might add).

      Our technology can automate: 

      • Cycle counts
      • Low-inventory counts
      • Spot counts
      • Reconciliation counts 

      We've added layers of protection to our automated counting procedures that guard against human error and technological glitches alike. These checks and balances free you up to focus your attention on growing your business rather than managing details. You're welcome.

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