Dependable pallet-in pallet out program. Done.

Affordable Pallet Storage (Pallet-in Pallet-out)

Need traditional warehouse services? We store pallets at affordable rates.

Some clients are looking for traditional pallet-in/pallet-out warehousing. Pallet-in/out centers around receiving, storing, and shipping complete pallets. Clients like it for it’s straightforward pricing and execution.

Yes, we do traditional pallet-in/out warehousing but we like to think we’ve elevated this style of warehousing into something beyond traditional.

The pallet keeps evolving to fit supply chain needs. We’ve changed right along with it, by developing a quality pallet-management system.

Our Pallet-in/Pallet-out Method

At ProPack, we store pallets efficiently, provide you with online visibility, and even allow you to create specific pallet orders. From there, our staff pulls together, stages, and ships your orders to the desired locations.

Simple. But can we insure accuracy and efficiency? You bet.

ProPack prides itself on excellent stock control that is adaptable to any space, weight, or size of palletized product. Our direct access to each pallet makes locating and retrieving your orders seamless and confusion free.

You’ll see this accuracy for yourself via our WMS (warehouse management system), where you can monitor pallet attributes online.

      Digging Deeper into ProPack’s Pallet-in/Pallet-Out Process

      Some people like to get into the nitty gritty details. Here’s how our pallet-in/pallet-out warehousing process breaks down step by step.

      • ProPack receives your shipment of pallets
      • We record shipment and individual pallet information into our WMS
      • Pallets receive labels and placement in specific rack locations tracked in our system
      • When you want to pickup your pallets or have them shipped out, you submit an online order through ProPack’s online customer portal, P3PL
      • ProPack scans each pallet in the outbound order
      • You are charged per pallet for the outbound shipment
      • All receipts, inventory, orders and charges are visible online

      Bottom line? No surprises. Once your pallets get scanned in at our dock, you’ll enjoy complete online visibility. It’s just like tracking inventory you’ve stored in your own facility only with a more complete set of technological tools.

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