Southbound shipping. Streamlined.

Canada to U.S. Consolidation

Clear packages from Canada into the U.S. and avoid international courier rates with Southbound Consolidation.

ProPack’s southbound consolidation service is designed to save Canadian companies money on their shipments into the United States.

Who is it for?

The program is a good fit for Canadian clients who ship packages in volume southbound and across the border on a daily or weekly basis.

The Benefits of Using ProPack’s Southbound Forwarding Services

  • Eliminate pesky international shipping charges as you ship into the United States.
  • Lock in the lowest shipping rates with the most affordable carrier service options.
  • Maintain supply chain visibility via our online portal, P3PL.

      How Southbound Forwarding Works

      Like to dig into details? Here’s how our southbound freight forwarding process works.

      1. You email shipment information to ProPack via Excel.
      2. ProPack sends a courier to pick up your shipment.
      3. We work with one of our border partners to clear your shipment quickly.
      4. ProPack processes each of the shipments on the requested domestic carrier for a low rate.

      Best of all, shipment, tracking, and charge information are all available online in real time so you can minimize frustrating surprises.

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