Efficient cross docking. Done.

Efficient Cross Docking

We receive, store, and release your shipments quickly and to your exact specs—saving you time, money, and storage headaches.

ProPack facilitates the quick cross docking of a variety of shipment sizes.

Not familiar with cross docking? Great. This may be an area where we can save you money. Cross docking is a warehousing service that removes the usual costs associated with the long-term storage and the picking and packing of your products.

How do we do it?
As your cross-dock partner, we receive products directly from your manufacturer, quickly sort them, and efficiently ship them to your customers’ locations. Your goods stay in our facilities so briefly it’s almost like they just “crossed the dock” into a truck for shipping.  In many cases, that’s what literally happens.

Need more details?

How Cross Docking Works

  1. You arrange delivery of goods to ProPack’s dock and notify us of the pending shipment.
  2. ProPack receives your shipment and enters your goods into our online system.
  3. You arrange pickup of goods from ProPack’s dock and notify us of pending pickup.
  4. ProPack releases goods to an approved carrier.

Cross docking is billed on a per-unit basis that factors in the length of time that your products stay in ProPack’s warehouse.

      Does ProPack do the Kind of Cross Docking we Need?

      At ProPack we provide several types of cross docking services. Rely on us for:

      • Hub and Spoke Cross Docking, where ProPack is the central hub for receiving your stock, sorting it, and quickly shipping it out to various locations.
      • Consolidation Cross Docking, which involves receiving your product in smaller shipments and storing it just long enough to build up enough bulk for a cost-effective shipment to your final destination.
      • Deconsolidation Cross Docking, where we receive a large shipment of your company’s goods and send them back out in smaller shipments.

          More Benefits

          • Cross-dock at our Blaine, WA facility located one mile from the U.S. – Canadian border.
          • Streamline your supply chain, receiving status info in real time.
          • Schedule delivery and pickup anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
          • Eliminate warehousing costs for small- and medium-sized businesses.

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