Inventory management. Controlled.

Powerful Inventory Tracking

Keep an eye on your stuff while we protect it. Our easy-to-use WMS allows you to track your inventory in real time.

At ProPack, our advanced 3PL inventory-tracking technology gives you what you want most when you outsource your logistics operations—visibility.

We get it. Your products are your company’s future and your job security. They represent the potential of happy repeat customers or angry reviews and dropping sales.

You want to know as much as possible about your goods until they arrive safely in your customers hands.

How we Give you More Visibility Into Your Supply Chain

  • At receiving all items get barcoded and signed into P3PL, our custom-built tracking system.
  • Fulfillment clients get real-time updates about inventory levels and movements within the warehouse
  • Time to ship? You’ll be able to track when your product leaves our premises.
  • Fulfillment and forwarding clients will also get updates on their goods as they journey from our warehouses to their final destinations.

In short, our clients enjoy complete visibility of where their product is, when it arrives, and when it’s shipped out.

      How is our 3PL Inventory Tracking Different?

      It’s true. We’re not the only 3PL company that promises to help you track your goods.

      So how is our technology different? First, our Warehouse Management System (WMS), P3PL, is purpose-built based on our clients’ needs and feedback. We found that off-the-shelf WMS tech just didn’t give our clients all of the options they were looking for.

      Our investment of time and resources is paying off. Our clients tell us that remotely monitoring and managing their inventory with P3PL, is easy, intuitive, and provides them the flexibility to do business the way they want to do it. 

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