Efficient northbound shipping. Made easy.

U.S. to Canada Consolidation

Regularly shipping north to Canada? Try a northbound consolidation plan for discounted rates.

You’re a Western Canadian company that sources from the U.S. You do a lot of U.S. to Canada shipping. Our northbound freight forwarding services not only deliver the goods to companies north of the 49th parallel, we do so faster and at discounted rates.

Here’s how Northbound Consolidation Makes Your Life Easier:

  • ProPack consolidates your northbound forwarding shipments at our Blaine, WA warehouse just one mile South of the Canadian border.
  • Then we provide support where the process of shipping from the U.S. to Canada can get tricky. We work with your broker to help you clear customs.
  • Finally we give you updates while your freight works its way to your company in Western Canada.

Whether you receive returns or new products from the U.S., ProPack’s experienced freight forwarding team will coordinate your northbound forwarding shipments with expert care.

But you don’t have to just trust us on that. Our in-house P3PL software was designed to maximize supply chain visibility so you can monitor your inventory in the warehouse and on the road.

Northbound Freight Forwarding Benefits

What else can expect when you use our U.S. to Canada shipping services? Expect to:

  • Save on the international shipping costs for bringing shipments into Canada from the U.S.
  • Improve delivery speed from warehouse to final destination by clearing the border quickly.
  • Receive shipments by midday for speedy, daily turnaround.
  • Our systems accommodate PARS, LVS, consolidated, and high-value shipments.

Want to dig into the details?

      Here’s How our U.S. to Canada Shipping Works

      1. Parcels and pallets are delivered to our warehouse facility
      2. Our expert staff barcode and scan each parcel or pallet into the P3PL system
      3. We monitor pending shipments for you and review your goods’ historical information
      4. ProPack confirms and transmits all customs paperwork to your customs broker with prior border clearance.
      5. Our cross-border courier delivers shipments directly to business destinations in the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and beyond.
          Professional Northbound Services

          “Professional Northbound Services”

          ProPack really helped us with our northbound consolidation project. Their friendly and professional staff, accurate and detailed reporting made things a lot easier for us.

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          Alexandre Dupont, LCA.CB – Logistics Department, MOTOVAN CORP.

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