ProPack was founded in a small border town in Washington State over 30 years ago. Through hard work, innovation, and dedication to helping our clients – we have grown to be a leading provider of world-class fulfillment and freight forwarding services in North America.

We’ll never forget that we owe much of our success to the businesses that have trusted us to serve them.

Founded in Blaine, WA

ProPack started with a modest 2,000 sq ft warehouse, two founders, and no employees. Despite our humble beginnings, we were determined to make a difference in the 3PL industry.

First upgrade to new building

After six years of determined effort, we acquired our first 4,800 sq ft warehouse. Soon after, ProPack tripled in size, adding six new employees.

Custom warehouse built

As our team expanded, so did our momentum. Within three years, we successfully transitioned to a custom-built warehousing facility spanning 35,000 sq ft.

Software developed

freight forwarding

We developed and introduced our proprietary third-party logistics software, P3PL, providing clients with enhanced inventory visibility and control.

Established Utah and Tennessee warehouses

Tennesse Warehouse

As our cross-border shipping base expanded, we increased our Washington warehousing space and strategically invested in warehouses in Tennessee and Utah, enabling two-day distribution to 97% of the U.S.

Expansion in Utah

In response to heightened demand and opportunities, we expanded our warehouse in the Salt Lake City area, growing from 45,000 sq ft to 130,000 sq ft.

Canada expansion

ProPack acquires Integrated Fulfillment with warehouses in BC and ON extending the two- day distribution model to include Canada.

Utah warehouse relocation and expansion

Utah Propack Location

Responding to client need, ProPack moves into a purpose-built state of the art 165,000 sq’ facility just outside of Salt Lake City.

Tennessee warehouse relocation and expansion

Relocation from White House TN to a 190,000 sq’ building in Portland TN, more than doubling our warehouse capacity.

Ontario warehouse relocation and expansion

ProPack moves into a brand new 45,000 sq’ facility in Mississauga, Ontario.