CUSTOM Technology

Comprehensive software solutions to power your supply chain

We learned quickly when establishing ProPack that an off-the-shelf warehouse management system (WMS) wasn’t going to cut it for the level of service we are committed to providing. For the last 20+ years, we have developed, enhanced, and fortified our very own proprietary logistics software to provide the highest level of accuracy, efficiency, control and visibility for our teams and clients.


Driving efficient and dynamic operations from receiving to shipping


Facilitating the entire order cycle with complete visibility and monitoring


Enabling accuracy, reporting, and lot number tracking


Providing end-to-end freight brokerage and forwarding solutions


“ProPack’s innovative technology simply works.

ProPack’s web-based system is not only intuitive but also very powerful. I can be in my office or on a beach with nothing but my cell phone, I can always peek in to check on things or even make modifications with no fuss.”

Technical Agility

ProPack Third Party Logistics (P3PL) was built and enhanced over the years in direct response to client needs. Our dedicated team of local developers is highly attuned to the logistics industry’s ever-changing technical landscape and is quick to adapt to the challenges and unique needs of our valued clients.

In doing so, we have created a powerful, agile, and completely autonomous system that we own and enhance instead of relying on generic software with limited control and even less flexibility.

Driving Accuracy

Barcoded and precisely-labeled product drives our inventory management and order fulfillment processes while sophisticated validators provides immediate feedback allowing quick resolution of inventory or order inaccuracies.

From receipt of your goods into our warehouse, to order allocation, picking, packing, and shipping – our software tracks every item, every step of the way all while providing you with real-time visibility.


Our web-based client portal gives you immediate access to your inventory, order statuses, and reports anytime, anywhere.

Built-in Features

Easy Integrations

Seamless shopping cart, ERP, API, and EDI connections

Automatic Slotting

Monitor velocity and optimize picking environments


Drives accuracy and efficiency

Returns & Reverse Logistics

Returns tracking and processing

Smart Order Allocation

Responsive and intrinsically connected to inventory 

Backorder Management

Inventory shortages, split shipments, and more

Scheduled Shipping

Subscription box and ship-by dates

Multi-warehouse fulfillment

Custom allocation logic by warehouse, destination, and inventory levels

Omni-channel Fulfillment 

Easily manage both DTC and B2B sales channels 

Claims management

Track issues and resolution

Lot Control & Management 

Expiry date and time-sensitive products follow FEFO principles and are carefully tracked and allocated

Reporting & Data Analytics

Automatic reports and manually driven summaries 


Client satisfaction isn’t just a buzzword to us, it’s an integral part of our service offering. Our friendly and knowledgeable client care team and dedicated sales representatives create the bridge between our company and yours by providing exceptional support that is prompt, positive, and professional.