Superior inventory management

Safeguarding and optimizing storage of your product since 1991.

We have dedicated over 30 years to optimizing our technology and processes to promote inventory accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility for our clients. Our experienced team of inventory specialists combined with our comprehensive systems deliver peace of mind and valuable insight; helping you respond to market demand without spending more than you need on inventory.  

Secure & Protected

Alarmed, key-card entry, & 24/7 video surveillance

Optimized Storage

Customized to lower costs & increase efficiency

Real-Time Visibility

Complete inventory and order management control


One system to manage inventory across all channels


We take our role in safeguarding and monitoring your valuable product seriously – knowing every shipment you send to us represents revenue for your company. Our comprehensive processes and technology keep your inventory safe, accurate, and accounted for the second it arrives at our dock to the moment it leaves on an order.

All our facilities are GMP-compliant, temperature-controlled, secure and staffed by professionals.

At ProPack, inventory integrity is everything.

Every process and system in our fulfillment operation supports our
fundamental commitment and dedication to accuracy.


Our web-based client portal makes it easier than ever to monitor your inventory in real time from anywhere.

In addition to automatic reports, low inventory alerts, and customized reorder points, our custom warehouse management system (WMS) gives you all the data you need to inform your business decisions. Countless reports are at your fingertips to analyze your product and order activity through the entire fulfillment life cycle.  


When it comes to setting up your bulk storage and picking areas we don’t believe in the “set it and forget it” approach. We monitor your product’s activity and reconfigure areas as necessary to minimize storage costs and improve efficiency.

Our team of layout specialists carefully consider your setup to ensure:

  • Shelving optimized to avoid unnecessary wasted space
  • Ongoing SKU velocity analysis
  • Preemptive planning and accommodation for new SKU
  • Dynamic minimum and maximum quantity settings
  • Regular proactive replenishment from bulk
  • Recurring layout audits

Direct to

Direct to

Direct to Consumer


Selling across multiple channels? No problem. Our warehouses and technology are specifically designed for omni-channel support giving you the freedom to scale your business seamlessly. One 3PL for multiple channels means monitoring your inventory and orders through a unified system, providing a singular source of accurate information in real time.


Location Managed

Tracked movements from receiving to shipping

Receiving verification

Thorough records and quality control

Labeling services

Inventory and SKU labeling at the case and pallet level

Inventory Counts

Cycle counting, year-end, and reconciliation

Lot Control management

Short date & expiry date precision

Serial Number management

Tracking, recording, and verification

FIFO & FEFO Principles

First In, First Out & First Expired, First Out to maintain product quality

Quarantine & hold FACILITATION

Stringent and FDA compliant quality control measures

Back-orders & Pre-Orders

Allocation flexibility and seamless order management


Efficient quality control, back-to stock and disposals