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Negotiating Good Rates
Last week I mentioned that I would talk about negotiating rates this week and help you learn how to get better rates. Why in the world, you might ask, would I want to do that? There are multiple reasons:  It is almost inevitable that you are going to ask for better rates.  It’s the nature […]
Apples and Oranges
No, today’s blog is not about fruit.  It relates to doing due diligence when comparing proposals and service offered by other 3PL companies.  While we would like to think we are the perfect solution for everyone, reality tells us that you will look around, get some bids and you may choose another 3PL provider.  That okay. That’s the […]
Separation Anxiety
Kind of a funny title for a blog about 3PL’s, warehousing and shipping, but it is something that is rather quite common for those that have never used a 3PL before. Inevitably, when interviewing a prospective customer we reach the point where we talk about where their product should be stored. Many of the clients […]

Third Party Logistics Services

Order Fulfillment

Add value to your supply chain with prompt and accurate pick/pack/ship via our seamless technology. Reduce costs with volume shipping benefits, multiple carrier options, strategic locations and transaction based pricing. Leverage more time to grow your business and leave the warehousing and order management to ProPack.

Freight Forwarding

Forward palletized freight anywhere in the United States, Canada and worldwide. Receive customized value added service for tradeshow, expedited and unique shipments. Reduce costs for international shipments by taking advantage of ProPack’s facility 1 mile from the Canadian border halfway between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC.

Warehouse Services

Reduce costs in warehousing, cross docks and shipments across the US/Canadian border. Northbound shipments received at ProPack, then consolidated and couriered into Canada. Southbound consolidations received from Canada, then shipped out individually as US domestic shipments. Pallet storage at all ProPack locations.

Multiple Locations

Washington (Seattle/Vancouver, BC area)
  • Located in Blaine, WA on the Canadian border between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC
  • Ideal for cross border logistics and package receiving
  • Expansion warehouse in Ferndale, WA
  • Total warehouse space of 100,000 square feet
Utah (Salt Lake City Area)
  • Located 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City, UT
  • Services the West Coast and mountain states in 2 Days FedEx Ground
  • 45,000 square feet with expansion opportunities up to 180,000 square feet
Tennessee (Nashville Area)
  • Located 20 minutes north of Nashville, TN
  • Services the East Coast and central states in 2 Days FedEx Ground
  • 100,000 square feet with temperature control
ProPack FedEx Ground Distribution by Zip
ProPack FedEx Ground Distribution Time In Transit

Value Added Features

Trucks at ProPack's dock for Order Fulfillment or Freight Forwarding shipments

Cost Saving Benefits

Washington allows for quick access to Western Canada while Utah and Tennessee can ship FedEx Ground in 2 days to 95% of the US.
21 years in business, with 60 years combined experience within the ownership team in 3rd Party Logistics and the supply chain.
Diversified Services
Order Fulfillment, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Package Forwarding and Cross Docks all form a wide service offering.
Custom built technology allows quick responses to unique business situations.

ProPack's Order Fulfillment Warehouse

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