It is the coordination and shipment of goods from one place to another via a single or multiple carriers via air, marine, rail, or highway. Forwarders work with a variety of carriers, warehouses, and terminals to route a shipment. Each shipment may pass through several carriers and make multiple stops before it is delivered.

Within the world of freight forwarding, there are quite a few specialized terms. Here’s how that terminology breaks down for ProPack.

Freight forwarding shipments often require storage in a warehouse facility. These shipments are likely trade show shipments between shows that need storage, shipments with prolonged cross docks, or shipments awaiting consolidation.

That said, depending on the needs of the client, their goods may never need to be housed by the forwarding provider. Some clients simply need the delivery of their products coordinated by shipping and transportation experts for reasons of complexity, manpower, or some other reason.

At ProPack, we have clientele that fit into both of those categories. Some need freight warehousing. Others just want the burden of planning and executing the shipping of their goods to be lifted off of their shoulders.

We’re uniquely set up to provide tradeshow services and other storage-intensive forwarding services, but our forwarders are also happy to serve solely as shipping experts, orchestrating your shipping without any ProPack warehousing.

Are there other forwarding terms you should know? You bet. We hope you find the answers you’re looking for in this list of freight FAQs.

Power tailgates, or lift gates, attach to the back of a freight truck and are used for lowering palletized product from the bed of the truck onto the ground.

  • LTL (Less Than Load)– Freight shipment that shares space on a truck with other shipments.
  • Air Freight– Freight shipped by airplane.
  • Local Cartage– Goods shipped via local courier within a specific geographical region.
  • Truckload – Shipment encompassing an entire truck.
  • Express Parcel– Shipment under 75 lbs, shipped via UPS or FedEx.
  • Air Freight Overnight– Goods shipped via airplane to arrive the next business day.
  • Air Freight 2 Day– Goods shipped via airplane to arrive within two business days.
  • Air Freight 3 Day– Goods shipped via airplane to arrive within three business days.

American shipping lanes are shipping routes between the US, Canada, and international locations that originate from or terminate in the US.

Trade show shipments are freight being forwarded to or from industry trade shows.

ProPack offers a full suite of freight forwarding services and we look forward to taking great care of you.