Southbound forwarding is the consolidated couriering of a group of individual shipments across the US/Canadian border to a warehouse in the U.S. that breaks the consolidation apart and ships out the individual shipments domestically.

At ProPack, our Blaine, WA, warehouse, just 1 mile south of the Canadian border, uniquely positions us to serve Western Canadian companies looking for efficient distribution in the Pacific Northwest and Western U.S.

At ProPack, a southbound consolidation is a collection of shipments, usually palletized, that are couriered southbound across the US/Canadian border. We receive the shipments at our warehouse, break them apart, and ship them out domestically.

The frequency of southbound consolidation represents the number of times per week or month that a consolidated shipment is received, broken apart, and shipped domestically. Clients may courier a consolidated shipment to our shipping warehouse:

  • Every day
  • Once per week or
  • On an unscheduled basis

The southbound courier refers to the trucking or courier service used by the client or by ProPack’s shipping warehouse to deliver the consolidated shipment to our location.